The Blueline Dimension Origin

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The Blueline Dimension series started on the afternoon of November 7th 2002, while I was getting ready for a show in Sacramento. I wanted to do a few Armature inked sketches to take with me. To warm up and practice, I started randomly inking old extra blueline pages that I've had kicking around since 1987. What evolved was a jam. Non-sequiter stories that don't have much logic. Kind of like a jazz improv. Parts of the original blueline story come through, and Armature just kind of showed up. By the second or third one, I got a rhythm, and they took on a life of their own. So now, occassionally, Armature trips through the Blueline Dimension.

This group is from the first series. All of the bluelines are from the DC Blackhawk prestige mini-series that I colored for Howard Chaykin.They are offered here for sale. The proceeds are going to help cover costs for issue #3 of Armature. But I also hope people will enjoy them for the oddities they are, and let me know what you think. It's been a fun experiment, and I've got lots of bluelines left to play with. Series Two is in the works.

In the Blueline Dimension: an art experiment


Dimension 1

The very first of the series, before I'd even come up with the name. The inking test had been on Blackhawk's face.

Then I just stuck Armature in it for the heck of it., since he seems to work his way into most all of my art anyway.

Price $40

Oliff original artwork on Chaykin Blackhawk blueline. 11x7 inches. India ink.



Blueline Dimension #2: Then I had a name to go with the idea. This one was a fun attempt to blend Armature with the blueline.

Price $40

Oliff original india ink art on Chaykin Blackhawk blueline. 8 1/2 x 11 inches.


Trading insults


Blueline Dimension #3: Here I started using the power of black to overwhelm most of the blueline. As I got used to the basic idea, they started coming out fast. I went back in later and added some zipatone and began to use colored pencils to enhance the blueline.

Price $40

Oliff original art over Chaykin Blueline. India ink, Zipatone & colored pencil.

Artwork 10x11 inches.


It's a Chaykin Story Full of Angst...

Blueline Dimension #4: I like architecture. Faking the forms with big brush strokes gives a nice effect. Loose, but it feels like a real building. This one was fun grabbing snippets of his script and then warping it.


Oliff original art over Chaykin Blueline. India ink, Zipatone & colored pencil.

13 x 6 inches.

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