Olyoptics Timeline - 1982

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Fired Out to Westport

Even though it was a shock to be fired by a boyhood idol, I probably deserved it. I still had Mike Grellís book, and I had some small side projects, so I just kept on searching for more full-color work.

  With the success of Starlinís Capt Marvel graphic novel (It went to 18 printings), Marvel started putting out more graphic novels, and began Epic Magazine, which was to be Marvelís version of Heavy Metal Magazine, except the stories were all new by American creators. (Epic Magazine began offering royalty deals to the creators, and eventually led to the entire Epic line of creator-owned comics.)

  The 5th Graphic Novel Marvel produced was an X-Men project. ďGod Loves, Man KillsĒ was written by Chris Claremont, edited by Louise Simonson, and drawn by my long-time friend, Brent Anderson. Brent asked me if I would color it, and he promised me a royalty, which was a first for me. Iíd tried and tried to get even a tiny piece of Starlinís novel, but Iíd had no luck, so I jumped at Brentís offer.

  He invited me to stay in Westport , Connecticut while we worked on the project. His roommate, Joe Chiodo was another old friend. They also lived next door to Bill and Frankie Sienkiewicz, whom Iíd known since coloring Billís Moon Knight series in the back of the Hulk Magazine.

  Bill, Brent, and Joe shared a studio in Westport , and Frankie was Jim Shooterís secretary at Marvel. It was a nice little creative comic community. I feel privileged to have been a part of the studio for a few months. It was an amazing time. Brent and I were working on the X-Men novel, and I was still coloring Starslayer. Bill was taking art lessons and blazing new trails on his regular Moon Knight comic as well as popping out beautiful painted covers every few days. Joe was struggling in the highly competitive paperback cover market.



God Loves, Man Kills

  Just a little aside here: Joe helped me color an issue of Starslayer one day, which gave him a sideline to supplement his painting. He went on to color the Rocketeer with Dave Stevens, which eventually led him to a lucrative coloring career with Image comics, as well as opening doors for him to develop into a graphic story painter.
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